You work hard for your money. But don’t feel like the only one! We work hard for your money, too! We thought up all of this great stuff that you could get at SendADeadFish.net, like tee shirts, hats, patches, bumper stickers, lunchboxes, monster trucks, and broccoli.

At last, we almost have more to offer than our fantastic wit and e-fish. We have listened intently to your feedback and believe we have deciphered its meaning. You want Tee Shirts! Well, we have a delightful Tee Shirt prototype now. We’ve all been wearing it around the office for weeks. It’s probably time to wash it, but it’s hard to smell the reek of a Dead Fish Tee Shirt above the aroma of so many dead fish. Now we need your help to get these Tee Shirts made and on your body. Go now and vote for your favorite Tee Shirt design. It’s your civic duty! Go vote now!.